Parcheesi Game Board  in black blue buttermilk colors is a classic game of race that has been played more than 100 years.  Parcheesi handcrafted wooden game board looks great hung on the wall with other game boards in a wall display.  Handcrafted and signed by artist game board measures 15 x 15, matching game pieces & dice sold separately.  This is similar to an antique reproduction of a game board from late 1800's

Displays well on a table for a game or hung on the wall, recessed pocket hole cut in back of game board, matching checkers & bag included though may not be the exact color bag shown.

Signed by artist and numbered

No 2 are exactly alike due to wood selected and barn wood

Each are one of a kind hand painted


Sunrise Acres Farm Game Boards are currently being used on movie sets in New York, Stage props in New York, Santa Fe, NM and Willmington NC.

An Elite Interior Designer from South Carolina has used our game boards in her latest home decor creations.

Our one of kind creations can also be found in the decor of rustic lodge resorts in Colorado ski coutry.

Our Game boards also grace the office of a Gentleman Executive for the New York Times.

Make one of these one of a kind game boards part of your home decor today.



This a race game. It´s very similar to Ludo, introduced in England in 1896. Parcheesi ans Ludo are directly inherited from indian game Parchisi. The Parchisi, in India, is played on a wool crossed board extended on the floor or on a table. There are, in Agra and Allahabad palaces, big Parchisi boards with red and white marbled squares where the emperor used to play, being the living pieces 16 concubines from his harem.


Parcheesi is played on crossed board with 68 squares; 16 of them, the secure squares, are specially marked. Four groups of pieces are used, each of them in a different colour and with four pieces.

Each player has his own colour, using one of the groups of pieces.

There are also four zones out of the route, corresponding with the four groups, where players store the pieces that aren´t incorporated into the game.

The pieces move forward along the 68 squares of the route according to the punctuation shown by the dice that the players have to roll every turn.

This is the look of the board at the start of the game:

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Parcheesi Game Board Black Blue Buttermilk

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