• Parcheesi Game Board Circle of Life Red
Parcheesi Game Board Circle of life in red is our latest game board styled after an Early American game board.

Handcrafted, signed by artist, Sunrise Acres Farm Primitives creation measures 15" x 15" all wooden board game

Parcheesi History and other names for the game

noun: parcheesi
  1. a four-person Indian board game in which cowrie shells are thrown to determine the movements of pieces around the board.
    • a modern version of the game of pachisi, using four marbles per player and dice.
      noun: Parcheesi

      It All Starts in India with Pachisi

      The game of Pachisi (pictured at right) dates back to the 4th century A.D. in India. It is often called the national game of India. Instead of dice, players throw six to seven cowrie shells. The name, Pachisi, comes from the highest number one can throw, twenty-five, or pachis in Hindi.

      In the 16th century the Indian Emperor Akbar I from the Mogul Empire would have women stand in as playing pieces and have them move about huge in-laid marble courtyard boards.

      Although the rules are different, it is the ancestor of the game we call Parcheesi.

      (Parcheesi is known as a cross and circle game, the key reason being that the pieces circle around a board divided into four sections divided by a cross. Because in Parcheesi the circle is collapsed inward, the circle is not readily apparent. This form of cross and circle game is often called cruciform.)

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Parcheesi Game Board Circle of Life Red

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